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Crisis Communication w/ Michael Bourque

Episode #16 | Published March 30, 2020

Crisis can bring about interesting times, and it’s in times of crisis when, as employers and leaders, you need to step back, be sure you are focused on the right priorities, and then lean in to support your team. Now more than ever, workers need to know that their leadership is committed to their health and safety. Intentional regular communication is a critical part of balancing the immediate response to any crisis with workplace safety, and worker well-beingPlanning for crisis communication, meeting people where they are, and the delivery are all critical parts of the communications puzzle.

On this episode I speak with Michael Bourque, President and CEO of MEMIC. Drawing from more than 30 years experience developing and delivering messages with employees, peers, and external contacts, Michael discusses concentric circles of communication planning and lessons learned from supporting workplace teams through challenging times.

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