Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company
Sunset of Return of Capital Contribution 

This notice is directed to employers that a) are currently a policyholder with Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (“MEMIC”), or were a MEMIC policyholder at any time since September 24, 2016, b) made a contribution to capital of MEMIC during the years 1993-1995, and c) have not received a refund of your entire capital contribution (“Eligible Policyholders”). Eligible Policyholders may be entitled to receive a refund of capital contribution and should immediately contact MEMIC for consideration of your eligibility. Entitlement to refund of capital contribution is terminating as of December 31, 2022. In the event any Eligible Policyholders are identified, the Board shall authorize a refund of that capital with any remaining capital to be retained by MEMIC as part of its permanent capital. Please direct any inquiries to: Anthony Payne, Corporate Secretary, MEMIC PO Box 11409, Portland ME 04104.

Please direct any inquiries to:
Anthony Payne
Corporate Secretary
P.O. Box 11409
Portland, ME 04104
(800) 791-3300

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