Claim Vendors & Service Providers

Our vendors and service providers play a key role in helping those who have experienced a workplace injury get back to work and to a productive life. We are grateful for your partnership.

Being a trusted partner means ensuring payments to our vendors and service providers are made in a timely manner. MEMIC has partnered with One Inc — the leading digital payments network for the insurance industry — to process and disburse payments to our valued service providers via the ClaimsPay® platform.

The result will be noticeable. You will get greater choice, quicker reimbursement, expanded payment options, enhanced communication, and streamlined payment reconciliation when you opt to receive payments from MEMIC via ClaimsPay®.

  • If you are already in One Inc’s network, good news! Your MEMIC payments will be sent via the payment method you’ve already selected.
  • If you are new to One Inc, you will receive a mailing from One Inc with instructions to set up your account and manage your preferences for future payments.

Once your ClaimsPay® account is set up, you can log in any time to review previous payments, make changes to your payment method, view the status of pending payments, reconcile your payments without the need to contact a claim representative, and more.

Note: Unless you proactively register with the One Inc Network and choose a preferred payment method, your MEMIC payments will be sent as an Express Payment (virtual debit card).

For more information about ClaimsPay® and payments:


MEMIC is proud to partner with CorVel™ for medical bill review and processing, as well as pharmacy benefit management. Please submit all provider bills to CorVel™ via these mail, fax or email contacts: