Claim Vendors & Service Providers

Providers are crucial partners in helping MEMIC support injured workers in returning to work and leading productive lives. That’s why ensuring your bills and payments are processed accurately, timely and securely is our top priority.

Here, you’ll find all the resources you need to manage your bills and payments with MEMIC.

Medical Bill Submission
Submit medical bills via fax, mail or email

  • Fax to: 
  • Mail to: 
    PO Box 6726
    Portland, OR 97228-6726 

If you have a medical bill repricing question, call 866-582-9986.

Important update regarding Explanation of Benefits (EOBs): EOBs associated with a payment can be accessed through the One Inc digital payment portal (details below). For denied EOBs or those resulting in no payment, please contact MEMIC Claim Support at 800-660-1306.



MEMIC partners with One Inc to process and deliver payments securely and promptly. Enroll with One Inc and choose to have payments from MEMIC sent by One Inc’s Express ClaimsCard® (virtual credit card), direct deposit, or physical check. With One Inc you will be able to receive payments quicker and control your payment preferences.

  • Get paid up to 30% faster with Express ClaimsCard®
  • Improved cash flow
  • No postal service delays or trips to the bank
  • Easy access to financial statements and payment history
  • Payments and data stay together, making reconciliation a breeze
  • Reduced exposure to check fraud

Only a Few Steps to Register

  • Step 1: Provide your organization’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) and your One Inc Enrollment Code:
    o If you have your enrollment code, click here
    o If you don't have your enrollment code, click here
  • Step 2: Complete your company’s profile to receive a temporary password.
  • Step 3: Log back in with the temporary password where you will be prompted to set your password to complete registration.


Manage Payment Preferences
Once registered with the One Inc provider network, your preferred payment method will default to the One Inc Express ClaimsCard®. To change it, go to the Payment Method tab.

If your business is not registered, your payments will be sent as a One Inc Express ClaimsCard® (virtual credit card). Your office will receive a physical mail notification with the payment details and instructions.

OneInc Notice Thumbnail

For payment support, One Inc enrollment, or Provider Portal questions, Contact One Inc at 877-313-4898 or by email.
Download the One Inc Portal User Guide for more detailed instructions.

Support Contacts Quick Reference

Medical Bill Inquiries or Reconsiderations: call at 866-582-9986 or e-mail.

Payment Support: including One Inc Express ClaimsCard®: contact One Inc at 877-313-4898 or e-mail.

One Inc Registration and Provider Portal Support: contact One Inc at 877-313-4898 or e-mail.

EOB Requests for Processed Payments: login to the One Inc Provider Portal or contact One Inc at 877-313-4898 or e-mail.

For Denied EOBs or Those Resulting in No Payment: contact MEMIC claim Support at 800-660-1306

Bill Submission
All bills for MEMIC should be submitted directly to CorVel via fax, mail, or email.

  • Fax to:
  • Mail to:
    PO Box 6726
    Portland, OR 97228-6726 
  • E-mail