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OSHA 10-Hour Video Conference Training with Laurie Nolt, Justin Banks, and Randy Morehouse

Episode #78 | Published August 15, 2022

Need a refresher on the OSHA standards?  Or maybe your company is starting a initiative around workplace safety inspections.  Or are the supervisors in your company required by the contractor you are working for to have a an OSHA 10hr Outreach Card?  Not all OSHA Outreach classes are local and learning online can be a challenge.

On today’s episode I have Laurie Nolt, Justin Banks, and Randy Morehouse,  Safety Management Consultants here at MEMIC to discuss MEMIC’s journey into video conference versions of the OSHA 10hr class, what they do to keep the learners engaged, and tips to get the most out of the one you attend.

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