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Situational Awareness and Forktruck Camera Systems with Chris Burns

Episode #63 | Published January 17, 2022

According to the National Safety Council, forklifts were the source of 79 work related fatalities and 8,140 non-fatal injuries involving days away from work in 2019 alone. 

Looking back at the data the National Safety Council has, the number of non-fatal forklift related workplace injuries continues to increase every year since 2015.  The top 3 causes of these injuries are Fire and explosion, Stuck by, caught between.  Most of these are driven by a lack of situational awareness on the part of the operator or other workers.

On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, I speak with Chris Burns, the co-founder of Midwest Fleet and Safety, a full service GPS and Safety Solutions company to help us look at a unique solution to the situational awareness problem when operating a forklift.

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