MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast

Industrial Athletes with Al Brown and Clayton Cartwright

Episode #46 | Published May 24, 2021

Workers today face many physical challenges, from a demanding pace to heavy loads and static postures.  While the demands may not be at the same level as a professional athlete, a certain level of fitness and preparation is necessary for any worker to stay healthy or recover if an injury does occur. 

Athletes at all levels benefit from functional movement training and proactive prevention that comes from the athletic training model.  If work can be thought of as an athletic process and the worker as an industrial athlete, then workplace safety can benefit as well.  

On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, I speak with Al Brown, MEMIC’s Director of Ergonomics and Clayton Cartwright, Safety Management Consultant about the Industrial Athlete and how the athletic training model can be used to maintain and improve worker health and safety.

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