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Safety in the Commercial Kitchen with David Darnley

Episode #27 | Published August 31, 2020

Commercial Kitchen, Kitchens, Restaurant, hospitality, safety, HACCP, Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points, equipment safety, burns, cuts, material handling, Fryer, Slicer, Mixers, Slicers, and Fryers!!  Oh My!!  Inside the commercial kitchen lurks a myriad of hazards that workers can be exposed to.  Trouble is, some aren’t always a hazard, some aren’t always visible, and many are so common we don’t consider them a danger. 

The numbers show, while most of the injuries that happen in a restaurant are minor like small cuts or burns, or strains and sprains, major life changing injuries can and do occur.  Head injuries from a slip and fall, blindness from a hot grease splash, 3rd degree burns from a steam kettle, or an amputation from an unguarded mixer or knife slip. 

Add to that some stats like 1 in 3 employed teens work in the restaurant industry or 6 out of every 10 American’s first job was in food service, and you get a challenging recipe for consistent safety and injury prevention. 

For the episode, Safety in the Commercial Kitchen, Peter speaks with Dave Darnley, Safety Management Consultant at MEMIC about hazards in the kitchen and strategies to integrate safety into the fast paced workflow of the restaurant business.  They swap stories about assignments gone wrong and how to prevent little things from becoming big problems.  Want to know more?  Check it out at the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast.

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