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Safe Patient Handling Part 1 with Lauren Caulfield

Episode #20 | Published May 25, 2020

It is serious work, physically demanding, and can put nurses, caregivers, and their patients at risk of serious injury. Assisting and moving patients happens hundreds if not thousands of times a day in each care facility or home depending on its size and capacity. No matter if you are recovering from day surgery or in hospice, This close quarters caregiving is essential to the recovery path for any patient. And it’s these movements that are putting caregivers and their patients at risk.

In this episode I speak with Lauren Caulfield, Director of the Atlantic Region Loss Control here at MEMIC about the Patient Handling Problem, it’s effect on providers and patients and how the MEMIC Safe Patient Handling Program is helping care facilities reduce the number of provider and patient injuries as well as increase the quality of care delivered.

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