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Hand Safety w/ Joey Geng

Episode #17 | Published April 13, 2020

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports in 2018 the goods and service producing industries had a hand injury incidence rate of 30.8 per ten thousand full time workers. And these are only the injuries that got reported. Think of all the times when you hit finger, got a paper cut, a splinter, or another small injury to you hand. That time, it might have hurt for a moment, but there is always the chance it could have been worse.

The human hand is one of the most delicate and dexterous instruments we have to interact with the world. With them we can feel the heartbeat of another person, create art and music, pick a flower, or grasp a tool, adjust a machine, and pick up stock. Without them or without full use of them, we lose a big part of our sense of touch and how we interact with everyday things. According to the stats, it’s at the workplace where our hands are most at risk. If they are such an important part of our lives, why don’t we treat them with more care.

In this episode, Pete explores what makes safety work using someone’s hands as the focus with Joe Geng, Vice President of Superior Glove and author of the book, “Rethinking Hand Safety: Myths, Truths, and Proven Practices”.  It’s not a book that you would expect, it really is about how to rethink safety from the perspective of your hands, the pitfalls you will see on the way, and examples of how to move forward.

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