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A Fraction on Friction: Outdoor Slip and Fall Prevention w/ Pete Koch

Episode #13 | Published February 17, 2020

On the surface, preventing Slip and Fall events outdoors may seem like a pretty simple topic to address, but unlike preventing slips and falls inside, the outdoor environment adds a level of complexity to the problem. The weather is something that, no matter how we try, we can’t control. Inside a building or at a workstation you know the surfaces and lighting, control the footwear, and anticipate potential contaminates. Outside, the weather is a variable which, while we can predict what it will do, we don’t always understand the magnitude or anticipate the changing conditions or how the forecast conditions will impact the surfaces we have to work on. And when we let our guard down or lose situational awareness, the consequences can be painful. So, what is the best strategy for helping workers stay on their feet in an outdoor environment? There is no magic bullet, or a one size fits all answer. But looking at the problem systematically can help. In this episode Peter discusses 5 Focus areas that can help provide a road map to more effectively preventing slip and falls out of doors.

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