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Office Ergonomics w/ Maureen Anderson

Episode #11 | Published February 3, 2020

Office ergonomics is not just about your mouse or your keyboard or your chair.  It’s an integrated look at all the factors; human, environmental, and equipment, which affect how we work at a desk.

For the episode, Ergonomics in the Office, Peter speaks with Maureen Anderson, Certified Professional Ergonomist and Safety Management Consultant with MEMIC. They talk posture, habits, gravity, focal distance, even lighting. Maureen brings a wealth of experience to the table, as she discusses the long- and short-term effects of a poorly designed or set up workstation.  Have a great workstation, but still experience aches and pains after a long day in front of the keyboard?  They get into how a well-designed workstation isn’t the lone solution for reducing musculoskeletal injuries in the office. Want to know more about Office Ergonomics? Check it out at the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast.

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