MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention w/ Maureen Anderson

Episode #8 | Published December 23, 2019

Take your center of mass and put it outside your base of support and what do you get??  Well, you could get better acquainted with the ground at best, and at worst you could have a life altering fall.  Preventing slip and fall events is more than just signage, giving people slip resistant footwear, or mopping up a spill.  There has to be a strategy that deals with all aspects of the slip and fall cause – the surface, the awareness of the worker, their footwear and its compatibility with the surface, and finally the environment the surface and employee are in.  A great solution for one space might be a total failure in another.

On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts podcast, Peter talks with Maureen Anderson, Safety Management Consultant with MEMIC about slip and fall prevention.  They exchange personal experiences investigating slip and fall events, discuss the cost of slips and falls, and share different approaches to slip and fall prevention such as SAFE and the hierarchy of controls.  Explore possible solutions to the slip and fall problem.

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