Summer Internship Program

MEMIC 2019 Summer Interns
MEMIC’s Summer Internship Program is 11 weeks filled with meaningful work, learning sessions and networking opportunities. Our goal is to help prepare our interns for their future careers by providing them with hands on experience related to their field of study.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the internships posted?
We are currently accepting applications for our 2024 internships. Use the link above to browse available internships.

Is this a paid internship?
Yes. At your school’s discretion, you can also receive credit for your time at MEMIC.

When does the program start and end?
Our 2024 program will start on June 3 and end on August 16.

What are the hours?
Our full-time interns work 37.5 hours per week. The standard schedule is 8:00-4:30 with an hour lunch break.

What is the application process?
Apply online and someone from our HR team will review your application and contact you.

What will my internship look like?
Our interns spend a majority of their time working on department specific projects. Throughout the summer, we have learning sessions called ‘Coffee Connections’. These Coffee Connections give our interns an opportunity to learn about topics outside their department as well as build relationships with their fellow interns. 

What will my first day look like?
You will attend Intern Orientation. Orientation consists of getting to know the other interns, learning about MEMIC & our policies and a lunch with all the interns, their managers and Human Resources. After lunch, each intern begins training with their department.

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Intern Testimonials

Joshua • 2022 IT QA Intern

“I am glad that I chose to intern here at MEMIC this summer, not only because of how much experience I gained, and knowing what a QA engineer is like in the real world, but also because of the people I met. I had an opportunity to explore other fields, connect with other interns and see how the MEMIC company values its employees was amazing for me.”

Joshua • 2022 IT QA Intern

Catherine • 2022 Communications Intern

“Though I was treated like any other employee, MEMIC understands the unique position of college interns, many of whom are nearing graduation. Just as they show their commitment to their full-time employees through education reimbursement programs, MEMIC showed their commitment to the interns by providing us opportunities to network inside the company, with other interns, and in the greater community. In a place as tight knit as Maine, getting your foot in the door can be life changing. MEMIC gets that.”

Catherine • 2022 Communications Intern

Sophie Romano • 2019 Finance Intern

“Working at MEMIC as a corporate finance intern has been such a blessing and invaluable experience. Friendly coworkers created a warm atmosphere where I was never afraid to ask for help and looked forward to continuously improving my knowledge upon the field of finance. The open-door policy and coffee connections provided numerous opportunities to interact with and learn from senior management. Through this internship I was able to apply classroom teachings to the real world and ask for further explanation when needed, which led me to better my understanding of finance. I also learned valuable life skills such as time management and follow-through. I greatly appreciated the trust my coworkers instilled in me to get the job done well, as it allowed me to gain self-confidence. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work at MEMIC as a corporate finance intern and know that the experiences and lessons I have gained along the way will serve me for as long as I live.”

Sophie • 2019 Finance Intern

Chandra Adhikari • 2019 IT Operations Intern

“Never had I imagined an internship could be so rewarding both in a professional and personal front. MEMIC provided me with a great environment to grow and hone my skills in coding. Moreover, my manager and co-workers were as supportive and welcoming as could be. Thank you MEMIC for bringing the best out of me!”

Chandra • 2019 IT Operations Intern

Lyndbergh Simelus • 2019 Finance Intern

“For a summer, I got an inside look into the everyday life of a full stack developer – everything from the meetings to actual coding. It was an enriching and hands on experience that laid some ground work for me and my professional career. I am grateful for the experience, and I hope to work with MEMIC again in the future.”

Lyndbergh • 2019 Application Development Intern