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Top 10 Reasons


Ever wonder what's it's really like to work somewhere? You know, bypass the standard perks and benefits list and get to the heart of a company? Here's an insider's look at reasons why people choose MEMIC and stay.

  1. Staying power. It feels comforting in both good and bad times to work for a company that is rated as one of the industries best workers' comp insurers.
  2. Potential. Everyone has it. And you get the feeling right away that someone cares about your betterment. From tuition assistance to professional development workshops, you’ll get your chance to grow.
  3. Size. We’re big enough to offer opportunity but small enough that the CEO knows your name.
  4. Innovative. What does this lofty word mean exactly? It means our managers give us the latitude to rethink the way we do things everyday.
  5. Do good. We believe in MEMIC. We want to help our policyholders keep their employees out of harm’s way. We want to keep premiums down. And we want to get injured workers healthy and back to their old selves.
  6. Fun. Because our workplace is warm and open, people tend to be themselves. We have our own way of clowning around. If a certain safety guy wears a head-to-toe camouflage outfit, we like it.  
  7. Fridays. The last day of every work week brings what we all love: boxes of bagels and donuts for sale in the kitchen. And you can wear your favorite blue jeans.
  8. Growing. You get the chance to be part of a company that’s not stalled in last year’s accomplishments. We're all at the helm in our own way, moving together toward still bigger and better things.
  9. Close-knit. It doesn't feel like work. Thanks to our low turnover, seeing the same faces every day makes it feel like you're surrounded by friends and family.
  10. You. You need to keep yourself healthy and well. And MEMIC wants that too. We've got what you need when it comes to health and wellness opportunities that help keep you fit while balancing home and work life. 


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