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Job Openings

Compliance Assistant

Manchester, NH

General Description:

The Compliance Assistant is responsible for ensuring compliance in all jurisdictions where MEMIC is licensed. Compliance is met by reviewing claim files and analyzing data to ensure reporting requirements and regulations are administered timely and accurately. The Compliance Assistant will need to communicate with various state agencies, as well as internal partners within the company regarding compliance issues to minimize exposure to the company.



  • Assists in state specific compliance reconciliation to ensure form filings in high penalty exposure states and wage calculations are timely and accurate to minimize risk of penalties and fines.  
  • Monitors specific areas of concern where compliance risk is high and reports to Claim Unit Manager where there are non-compliance issues.
  • Assists in Medicare mandatory reporting requirements to ensure timely reporting to federal government on medical benefits or settlement of claims for Medicare beneficiary.
  • Works closely with internal and external stakeholders to provide compliance support, feedback, and assistance regarding compliance requirements and regulations.
  • Assists with creation and maintenance of state specific compliance plans. 


  • Associate's Degree or 1-2 years' claim handling experience, or an equivalent combination of education and work experience.
  • Must have a working knowledge of workers’ compensation claim handling procedures and good grasp on workers' compensation fundamentals and the state specific reporting requirements.  
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential.
  • Must have excellent research and comprehension skills and the ability to convert and summarize research data.
  • Must be organized and detail oriented.
  • Microsoft Office skills are a must (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint).

How to Apply:
Apply by emailing resume to hr@memic.com. You can also reach us by calling 1-800-660-1306.