MEMIC puts safety to work

More than 18,000 MEMIC dividend checks totaling $18 million in the mail to Maine policyholders.

The Board of Directors of Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC) has approved an $18 million dividend to our policyholders for the 2011 policy year. With this distribution in November, 2014 MEMIC will have returned approximately $180 million to its policyholders since 1998.

This dividend is possible because employers have helped prevent workplace injuries and have committed themselves to helping injured employees return to work safely and timely. In addition, MEMIC’s efficient operating practices have contributed to this result. That means that more workers’ compensation premium dollar is directed toward paying benefits and is not consumed by insurance company overhead.

Any future dividends will rely heavily upon continued efforts of MEMIC customers to provide a safe workplace, and on Maine’s support of a stable workers’ compensation environment. We pledge to continue to do all in our power to help employers control their workers’ compensation costs and, especially, to reduce injuries.

Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible, organizations must have held a full-term policy with MEMIC during the 2011 calendar year.
The dividend check should be equivalent to 14.37 percent of premium from that year. This calculation excludes any surcharges.
If an organization has any unpaid balance associated with MEMIC policies, then the unpaid amount may have been subtracted from their dividend.


Share Your Dividend Story:

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For questions regarding your dividend, please contact your insurance agent or call MEMIC at (207) 791-3508. You may also contact us by e-mail at

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