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MEMIC puts safety to work

Company Overview

President and CEO - President's Message

Welcome to memic.com, our online home. If you’re already a policyholder, we thank you for your business. If you’re considering MEMIC, I hope you’ll find that we offer a special brand of workers’compensation, one that helps in the prevention of workplace accidents as well as returning your employees to employment in the event of a mishap. If you’re a MEMIC agent or an injured worker, you’ll find this site has lots to offer.

We opened for business nearly 20 years ago and our philosophy has remained intact for the past two decades -- to make workplace safety our mission and to treat injured employees with the best and most effective treatment available. These are tenets that help to reduce the cost of insurance and maintain a healthy relationship within the workplace. Our innovative programs in safety and claim management are the ingredients that lead to customer retention which approaches record levels for our industry.

The MEMIC Group is proud of its A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best and has the financial capacity and strength that you expect from your carrier of choice.

Thank you for visiting us at memic.com and enjoy the tour!


John T. Leonard
President and CEO

John Leonard