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MEMIC Rocks!
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Update: Hey Mel, sweetie.
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Checks, not tchotchkes.
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$11 Million More Tour
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Di Millo's Floating Restaurant
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Fox & Ginn Movers
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Cheverus High School
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Messer Truck Equipment
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Monroe & Goodwin Contractors
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Windsor Chairmakers
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$10 Million Tour

In November 2009, we hit the street to hand-deliver checks to a select number of policyholders (the rest were sent in the mail!). Our $10 Million Tour team's road trip was recorded to a radio advertising campaign that began the week of November 16.

Kittery Trading Post
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Northeastern Log Homes
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Gorham Sand and Gravel
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Johnny's Selected Seeds
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European Bakery
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Behind the Scenes at Kittery Trading Post


A Better, Safer Place to Work
In 2006, MEMIC began airing a new media campaign, called "A Better, Safer Place to Work," to remind customers and the general public about the benefits of our efforts in workers’ compensation. Below are the three commericals in the series.
Accidents Away

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Getting Better
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Big Payback
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It Works

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