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We believe that workplaces are made safe through a holistic confluence of four important factors. Together, these form the COMPosition™.


Workplace Conditions

Assessing workplace hazards and making physical working conditions better are fundamental. These are the most basic forms of managing workplace safety. Standards such as OSHA and industry best practices often help dictate the direction of this effort. Too often, employers stop here, never realizing the benefits of the remaining areas.

Medical Management
Essential to managing the cost and toll of injuries, this component is sometimes misunderstood as the driving force behind a safety program. It requires a formal plan, attention to detail and communication. While it can be a significant cost saver, it should not supersede accident prevention.

Human Resources
Any effort to make people safe starts with the individual. By hiring the right people, an employer can significantly improve the chances that they will reach a higher level of safety. Just as important is appropriate training and communication. Finally, you must make sure that front-line supervisors have the training and support they need to communicate, motivate and provide feedback.

The component that requires the greatest amount of time, leadership skill and attention to people is the company’s safety culture. A culture of safety means that each worker understands that the organization’s attitude and outlook inherently values safety. A culture is the shared sense of responsibility by each member of a team toward the whole. It requires an engaged management that will not shrink from measuring itself to continually improve. This component offers the greatest opportunity to reduce injuries and helps all of the other pieces to come together. 


COMPosition Survey
Once we have determined your organization's COMPosition, we will collaborate with you to design a detailed safety plan to help you improve the overall safety of your workplace.

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