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  • Karl Siegfried, MS, CECD, WCP®
    Senior Vice President, Loss Control and Safety Services

    Karl Siegfried

    The most effective way to control injury costs is through injury prevention.That is what I find so exciting about ergonomics. When companies take a proactive approach to their injury-reduction efforts, positive gains are realized. Stopping an injury before it occurs not only reduces costs, but also protects a company’s most important resource, the employee. It has been my experience that the best approach to reduce ergonomic risk factors is through engineering. Using solid Ergonomic Design and Human Factors you engineer the behavior you want to achieve. Ergonomic improvements add to the bottom line. By eliminating unnecessary efforts and improving process or material flow, we have been able to consistently demonstrate that good ergonomics is good economics.”

    Karl Siegfried is the Senior Vice President of Loss Control and Safety Services at MEMIC. He first joined MEMIC in August 1998 as an Ergonomist in the Loss Control Department. He developed the company’s approach to this emerging area of risk and earned a reputation as an outstanding trainer. He was later promoted to Director of Loss Control and, in addition to directing ergonomic programs, led the company’s safety effort at MEMIC Indemnity Company. Karl now oversees all of the MEMIC Group’s loss control operations, including its safety training and customer service efforts.

    He came to MEMIC after more than a decade in the safety and health field at Bath Iron Works (BIW). During that time, he helped BIW become known for its programs in ergonomics in the shipbuilding industry.

    Karl is a Certified Ergonomics Compliance Director and has earned a Master of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University. He has formal training in ergonomics from the Harvard School of Public Health, University of Michigan, and NIOSH. In addition, Karl is a co-presenter at the Advanced Ergonomic Institute held by the University of Southern Maine (USM) and led the development of the Northern New England Ergo Symposium in partnership with USM.

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