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Safety Consultants


  • Jennifer Campbell, Safety Management Consultant

    Jennifer Campbell

    "Properly identifying loss sources and putting together a
    strong, effective action plan is the best way to reduce losses
    and the cost of worker's compensation. My goal is to work
    with each client to create a strong effective action plan and
    assist them in creating an injury free environment."

    Jennifer has worked for 15 years as a loss control consultant
    in the insurance industry. Working with the insurance
    carrier, the insured and self-insured groups, Jennifer has
    obtained solid experiences that helped her reduce exposures
    and implement strong safety programs. During her time as a
    loss control consultant, she has specialized in the restaurant,
    retail, hospitality and light manufacturing industries. She has
    provided her clients with strong consulting services and solid
    injury prevention plans to control exposures and reduce the
    potential for losses. By taking a team approach and
    becoming a part of the companies “management team”
    Jennifer understands the need to put forth solid action plans
    to reduce losses.

    Jennifer’s goal at MEMIC is to partner with her clients and
    develop appropriate solutions that control and eliminate
    potential losses. Through a comprehensive safety plan and
    effective safety training, the goal of “Zero Injuries” is

    Jennifer graduated from Keene State College with a
    bachelor’s degree in safety studies, a bachelor’s degree in
    business management and an associate’s degree in science,
    chemical dependency.

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