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Workplace safety is our specialty
Safety Consultants

  • Hartley Webb, Safety Management Consultant

    Hartley Webb

    Hartley has worked in industrial settings for many years and understands the importance and benefits that a well-developed and well-implemented safety program can provide. His work often focuses on training for supervisors and middle managers, the positions most responsible for implementing and enforcing a safety culture.

    Hartley grew up in the sawmill industry and continues to specialize in the wood products and sawmill industries. He has served more than seven years as a safety engineer for some of Maine's leading industrial and heavy construction companies. Since 1991 Hartley has worked as a safety management specialist for the insurance industry. He is a strong instructor and communicator as well as an aggressive advocate for the development of the line supervisor. Hartley is an authorized instructor in the OSHA Construction and General Industry Outreach Programs. Hartley is a qualified instructor for the Leadership Development for Front-Line Supervisors training course that allows companies to integrate safety into sound business practices. His specialized skills include respirator safety, hearing conservation, confined space entry, machine safeguarding, control of hazardous energy, and performing OSHA Compliance Audits.

    Hartley has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Southern Maine, is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, and is a volunteer firefighter and first responder. Hartley also has completed specialized ergonomic and related safety courses at Harvard University and University of Southern Maine.

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