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Workplace safety is our specialty

Safety Consultants 


  • Dave Darnley, Safety Management Consultant

    Dave Darnley

    Dave specializes in workers’ compensation cost reduction for his clients. He uses a multi-faceted approach to assess and develop programs that address the full continuum of a client’s workers’ compensation program: pre-loss, claims management, and post-loss. The pre-loss consulting focuses on safety and accident/incident prevention, safety program assessment and development, and the safety culture. Claims management includes communication with MEMIC colleagues regarding the number, cost, and type of claims; claims trending; and notifications of lost-time claims or changes in large reserves. The post-loss consulting assists clients with developing medical management and transitional return-to-work programs designed to get injured employees back to productive work, while reducing the overall cost of their claims.

    “While ‘prevention is the best medicine’ and preventing client losses is our ultimate goal, a fully functioning transitional return-to-work program is the cornerstone of an effective workers’ compensation cost- reduction program to address those claims that, despite our best efforts, do occur.”

    Dave has worked as a safety management consultant since 1986, after earning his master’s degree in safety management from West Virginia University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in safety management from Buffalo State College. His industry experience includes healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, hospitality and gaming, and transportation authorities. He is a certified New York State Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program consultant.

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