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Workplace safety is our specialty
Safety Consultants




  • Beth Stowell, MS, MPH, COHN-S, CHSP, CHCM, Safety Management Consultant

    Beth Stowell

    Beth has more than 20 years of experience in health/safety and occupational medicine. She specializes in services to the healthcare and ski industries. Beth has developed and implemented safety management procedures that yield safer work practices and help control costs. She helped guide companies in their response and action plans for the cooperative compliance program - Maine OSHA 200.

    Beth's interest in medicine has been applied to ergonomic intervention programs, with a special emphasis in healthcare..Safe Patient Movement by eliminating the lift. As leader of the Healthcare service team at MEMIC, Beth has led the challenge to abate risks in a variety of caregiver settings as far away as California. She has presented the approaches and results at national meetings of AAOHN and AOHP. She has also been instrumental in developing an organizational development tool, the Cultural Safety Audit, which has been implemented in companies throughout Maine.

    Beth is a Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist (COHN-S), a Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP), and a Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM). She earned a master's degree in public health from the University of North Carolina and a bachelor of science in Nursing from the University of Vermont. Beth worked to create the Maine chapter of the Association of Occupational Health Professionals, of which she has been a member and served on the board for 9 years and was its president for 4 years. In recognition of her accomplishments, she was appointed to the Maine Governor's Commission on Safety and Health in the Workplace in 1987, which she served on for 14 years and chaired for 7 of those years.

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