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New! Online Billing and Payment

Go Paperless

Please note, ebill is available only for installment bills at this time. Your customers, however, can make a one-time payment online from their bank account using our Single EFT Payment.

Online billing is here! All MEMIC policyholders can ease their workload through the convenience and control of eBill. And they never have to worry--because it's safe and secure.

Current installment bills can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Payments can be made anytime, anywhere.

Paperless billing lets policyholders opt out of piles of mail, plus save a few trees.

Saves time and money
Bills can be paid in a few clicks of a button. Money can be saved by eliminating the need for stamps and checks.

A convenient way to keep track of records. Policyholders can view and print the bills they need at their convenience. (Note: All installment bills issued after November 21, 2011 are available for viewing.)

Data is encrypted using industry standard encryption and the privacy of your customer's information is safeguarded.

Imagine these benefits for your customer's business:

  • Employers can view current installment bills anytime.
  • Employers can make a one-time payment wherever they are.
  • Employers can take care of future business now by scheduling automatic payments.
  • Employers can get notified by e-mail when a bill is due or when payments are processed.
  • Employers can relax knowing their financial information is safe and secure.