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Choosing MEMIC

Claim Services


When there's an injury, our claim department is there to ease the process—from working with medical providers to containing costs to resolving disputes.


  • Our claim handlers
    Our experienced claim team members are specialized in the state workers' comp laws.
  • Claim fact finding
    Each claim gets a prompt and thorough analysis. Initial contact with employer and employee happens within 24 hours on lost-time claims and 48 hours on medical-only claims. The medical provider is a third point of contact on lost-time claims.
  • Claim reviews 
    Our customer-dedicated claim handlers meet regularly on-site with customers who have an annual premium of $50,000 and above to review open claims. Customers find these meetings aid understanding and avoid problems.
  • Medical cost containment
    Our claim department works hard to lower your customers's costs:
    • - certified nurse case managers coordinate medical treatment for injured workers
    • - prescription drug program delivers below average wholesale prices
    • - comprehensive medical bill review translates into reduced-cost healthcare
  • Fraud investigation
    We investigate 15% to 20% of all lost-time claims—2 to 3 times the industry average. The majority of lost-time claims are investigated to confirm legitimacy.
  • Dispute resolution 
    In house attorneys specialize in navigating the workers' compensation litigation process. Where other carriers might provide an outside law firm, our team creates savings by knowing the intricacies of the system.

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