We’ll help you get better and back to your job

Returning to Work

In the wake of your injury, the ultimate goal of all involved, is getting you well again and back to work.


  • Keep in touch with your employer
    Open communication paves the way for a successful return to work. You have an obligation to keep in touch with your employer and advise them of any changes in your condition.


  • Return-to-work scenarios
    Your employer will make every effort to bring you back to work as soon as possible and make reasonable accommodation for your return. You, in turn, must accept work that you are physically able to do.

    Possible scenarios
    • Back to work as usual 
      You completely recover from your injury and return to your job.
    • Modified work 
      Your return to work requires modifications to the job you previously performed.  
    • Transitional work  
      When physical restrictions are more severe, your employer may temporarily place you in an alternate position until you regain abilities. 
    • New job  
      Unfortunately, there are some cases in which, despite all efforts, your employer will not have work to accommodate you. If this happens to you, please contact your claim specialist.