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With MEMIC, get comprehensive safety and claims service
Policy Support

If you already have MEMIC coverage
  • Manage costs
    Build a safety plan to prevent injuries, earn premium credits and offer an Employee Assistance Plan. 
  • Premium audit
    Your annual review of records. It helps accurately calculate your premium. 
  • Your policy online 
    Policy Portal, our web tool, eases workflow for larger businesses by giving 24-7 access to claim information and billing transactions. 
  • Who to contact
    Find out who to talk to when.
  • States covered
    We provide coverage in 46 states, including the entire Eastern Seaboard.


If you are looking to get MEMIC coverage

Billing & Payments

With our many payment plans and methods, MEMIC makes it easy for employers to pay their workers’ comp premium.

  Learn more about billing & payments