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PDF Email Protection Process   

In order to protect confidential information, MEMIC uses a passphrase-protected system for sending First Report of Injury files to our policyholders and their employees. In this guide, discover how to receive your passphrase-protected PDF if you’re a first-time user.

1. Notification Email with Unique URL
Once a First Report of Injury has been processed, you will receive a notification email (please note, email formatting may vary depending on your email system). The sender will show as “MEMIC Systems”. This email is sent to any and all email addresses provided on the First Report of Injury submission. Within the email, is a unique URL which is associated to the email address recipient. Click on this link to create your passphrase. Save this passphrase as it will allow you to access future secure PDF files from MEMIC*.

2. Create Your Passphrase
After clicking on the URL provided in the Notification Email, your web browser will launch MEMIC’s PDF Email Protection system and will prompt you to create and confirm a passphrase. Once you have confirmed your passphrase, click “continue”.

* If you do not receive a secure PDF for three months, your passphrase information is deleted and you will have to create a new passphrase.

3. Verification Message
Upon successfully creating your passphrase, you will see the following verification message. You can then close your web browser. You will receive another verification in your email in-box.

4. Download Your PDF
Once you have successfully created your passphrase, you will receive another email from MEMIC systems with your First Report of Injury report as a PDF attachment.

If you have questions about MEMIC's secure PDF email protection process, please call us at at 1-800-660-1306

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