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Find out how MEMIC can make safety pay for you

With Mel's help, we returned $13 million
in dividend checks to Maine employers!


More than 18,000 Maine businesses recieved a workers' comp dividend from MEMIC last November.

If you didn't get a check, don't blame Mel! Find out how much you would have received as a MEMIC policyholder by using our handy calculator to the right.

To hear the radio spots that tracked Mel on his check deliveries, click on the links below.


Karl's Carpet Kingdom!
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Maggie's Metal Shop
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Mel! Mel! Mel
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Didn't get a check?
Calculate how big your MEMIC dividend check would have been. Just enter your actual 2012 Workers’ Comp premium into our calculator below, and see how much you would have gotten back as a MEMIC customer!

Find out how MEMIC can make safety pay for you. Ask your agent or click here to learn more.


Enter your annual workers' comp premium here:

NOTE: Dividend amount displayed is for illustrative purposes only. Future dividends are not guaranteed for current or prospective customers. Any future dividend would be based on actual premium paid to MEMIC in the year of coverage (excluding surcharges and offsets). To be eligible for the 2012 dividend, your organization must have held a full-term policy with MEMIC during the 2009 calendar year.